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New Homes in the Southeast Phoenix Area

New Home Builders in Arizona    It's exciting to see new homes going up all around the valley again!  Our new home market was so depressed for so long.  Now as I drive around town, I'm seeing new roof tops, big earth moving equipment, and busy contractors scurrying about.  This brings me to a point that I really haven't made in awhile... DON'T BUY A NEW BUILD WITHOUT AN AGENT TO REPRESENT YOU!

I know it's tempting, and really hard to resist sometimes, to refrain from pulling into that new subdivision's parking lot to go take a peek at the model homes.  Maybe you're just thinking about getting some decorating ideas, or secretly wanting to buy a new home, but let me caution you that once you go in and register (and they will require to you register), you may have lost your chance for representation.

You see, the person in the model home is representing the BUILDER, not you.  Think that's not a big deal?  Let me tell you why it is.

When you take a trusted, experienced, active real estate agent with you, like me or one of my team members, you benefit from our knowledge and experience.  For example, you might be tempted to choose that lot that backs to the power lines because it's so much larger.  Good deal, right?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  We can help you look at this from a different angle, like what will happen when it's time to sell.  I know that we all plan to live in a home forever, but the reality is that we probably won't.  It's important to have someone giving you advice to help you understand what your choices today could mean for you when you decide to sell. 

We know that you are going to be living in this home, and there are certain things that will be important to you regardless of what anyone else thinks.  And that is fine!  We want you to love your home and for it to work for you.  We won't try to talk you into or out of anything.  We're just going to give you information from a professional aspect.

Another benefit is that we can help you understand all of the details, from what options are worthy to how to decide on the lender and loan program.  During construction, we always recommend you have a professional inspection performed, typically in two stages.  The first inspection is done before the drywall goes up.  The inspector will look for problems with wiring and plumbing, and a multitude of other things.   For instance, on a home one of my team members had built, he recommended a pipe leading to the kitchen sink be better secured so that it doesn't make a loud "thunk" sound everytime the water is turned off.  Simple fix for something that could make a person crazy!  The second inspection is done upon completion.  There are all kinds of things that could be done incorrectly or just plain sloppily.  Most builders are pretty good, but they are only as good as their sub contractors at times.  We've had some crazy things come up during inspections of re-sale homes, like entire areas of the attic space missing insulation, heating/cooling vents that are not even connected, and much more.  Yes, money on a new construction inspection is money very well spent.

With that all said, let me remind you that one of my team members is manning our phones at all times.  When you call 480-726-7000, you will get a living, breathing person.  Okay, maybe not in the middle of the night, but pretty much any other time!  If you want to go take a look at a model home, CALL US.  We will come and meet you on the spot.  That's the beauty of having a team working together such as ours.  There is always someone available to help you.

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New Homes in the Southeast Phoenix Area
It's exciting to see new homes going up all around the valley again! Our new home market was so depressed for so long. Now as I drive around town, I'm seeing new roof tops, big earth moving equipment, and busy contractors scurrying about. … more
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